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Applying for vacancies advertised in the News Paper

Job advertisements in newspapers are an easy way of identifying vacancies. They usually give information on the pay and the nature of jobs, which facilitates job comparison… On the other hand, vacancies advertised in the press usually attract large numbers of applicants, possibly thousands. In other words, using job adverts is an easy way to look for jobs, but it

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First or last job

Your first job as a graduate is very unlikely to be your last job. Many graduates move on quite quickly from their first job as a graduate, and may have several jobs in their first seven years after graduation. Think of your first graduate job as work experience. If you are only looking for a first job as a graduate,

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CV Examples | Example of a good CV (+ biggest mistakes to avoid!)

Let’s face it, some CVs are great, some are good, and others are outright dreadful. If you’re looking for anexample of a good CVfor inspiration to help you write your perfect CV, you have come to the right place! Below you will find two different types of CVs: Excellent CV example: Professionally-written to impress employers and secure job interview invitations.

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JOB SEEKING SKILLS INTRODUCTION You could spend multiple ebooks discussing the various tools and techniques for seeking and acquiring a job. But there are a few skills that can give you a large advantage over your competition if you learn how to use them. It doesn’t hurt to review that point again – the job market is a competitive market.

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