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You  could spend multiple ebooks discussing the various tools and techniques for seeking    and acquiring a job. But there are a few skills that can give you a large advantage over your competition if you learn how to use them. It doesn’t hurt to review that point again – the job market is a competitive market. When you are looking for a job, you should evaluate   your candidacy in comparison to what other possible candidates will bring to the table. then you will want to highlight your own strengths for the particular job. We’ll take a look at three main techniques for job-seeking in this blog:

  1. Your resume
  2. Networking
  3. Interview skills

the average employer will spend less than 10 seconds reviewing your resume. In that time they will determine whether or not they want to hear more about you. So your resume has to speak to that individual employer and to the individual job that you are applying for. Yes, that means you need to customize your resume every time you apply for a position. Is it extra work? Yes, it is. But if you follow this advice, you will save time and energy as well as enhance your chances for getting past that first glance:

  • Use action verbs to describe your responsibilities.  So instead of  ‘responsible  for customer  service  quality,’  use  something  like:  ‘Acted  proactively  to  ensure  quality customer service by conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys, observing employee interactions with customers, and training employees on a quarterly basis regarding customer service techniques and policy.’ Notice that the second sentence is specific and creates a picture of what you actually did in your job.
  • Create a ‘Master Resume’ that lists  everything  you  did  at  every  position  you’ve held, every training certificate or course you took, and any awards or achievements you completed. then when you need to apply for a job that focuses on sales, for example, you can pull all sales-related copy from your master resume to create a resume that highlights all of your sales-related experience. You can do this each  time you apply for a job so that you present the best picture of your qualifications each time.
  • •                   Instead  of  creating  a  generic  ‘objective’  statement  at  the  top  of  your  resume,  use your cover letter to highlight your qualifications and your objective for applying   with the organization.
  • Take advantage of free career services and training programs at your former university or at the local Department of Labor Career Center. It never hurts to get a second opinion on your resume.

Like  it  or  not,  the  fact  of  today’s  job  market  is  that  most  people  hire  people  they  know. Or at least someone that someone they know has recommended. think about it from the hiring  manager’s  point  of  view  –  if  you  had  to  hire  someone,  wouldn’t  you  rather  hire  a known entity rather than take a risk on a complete stranger? So one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to truly manage your career is to make all the effort you can  in  networking  with  others.  this  doesn’t  just  mean  going  out  for  Happy  Hour  with the people in your office. It means creating network of professionals that you can turn to when you are ready to make your next career move. think creatively about increasing your network and you will find that there is really no limit to the professional network you can create. Possibilities include:

  • Friends, family, and acquaintances
  • Church members
  • Alumni organizations
  • Local professional organizations
  • the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Statewide organizations for your profession
  • National associations for your profession
  • Online networking resources like LinkedIn or FaceBook

When you are job-seeking, make sure it’s not a secret in your network. Put out word to your different networks that you are looking for a job, and what kind of job you are looking for. Make proactive phone calls to people that you know in the industry to see if they know         of any openings. Ask people if you can send them your resume to pass around to people    they know. You never know whose friend will work with a man whose sister needs someone just like you in their organization. Especially in the online environment, it’s amazing how quickly your resume and name can get to people who might be hiring for a job you’d be interested in.

Two warnings about networking. First, remember that it goes both ways. You should be  prepared to help others in the network when there are openings you know about in your     own organization. And second, if you are actively networking, realize that your current supervisor may very well hear about it if they are in touch with any of the same people         or organizations. If you feel comfortable doing so, let your supervisor know that you are  exploring your future possibilities but you will be certain to let them know if any real possibilities arise.


If you get asked to come to an interview, realize that you have already made it past most  other candidates. then take the interview opportunity as a chance to hone your skills. that way, even if you don’t get the job (or don’t want the job rather you’ve heard more about it), you still have had the chance to stay sharp. there are some things that you shouldn’t have to be told about interviewing, but just in case:

  • Be early or on time – never late
  • Dress professionally – even if it is a blue collar or informal work setting
  • Be polite
  • Speak clearly and with no slang or informal language
  • Always send a thank you note – even if you don’t want the job. You never know when another position might come available that you really do want.

Next,  be  sure  that  you  LISTEN  to  what  the  person  is  asking.  If  you  aren’t  paying  close attention, you could give them information they weren’t looking for. When you prepare to answer a question, try to use the following format:

  1. Describe  a  situation  you’ve  experienced  that  is  related  to  what  they  are  asking you about
  2. Describe what action you took to respond to that situation
  3. Describe the results of your actions

As an example, imagine that someone asks you if you have experience with Microsoft Excel. Instead of just saying, “Yes, I do,” you can respond:

  1. Yes, at my current job we needed to create a means of tracking invoices as they went through the Finance Department.
  2. I used Excel to create a sortable database that employees could use to find any invoice at any point during the payment process.
  3. As a result, we had fewer delayed payments, less lost paperwork, and a faster processing time.

See  the  difference?  You’re  not  just  telling  them  that  yes,  you  can  use  Excel,  you’re  also demonstrating  a  situation  in  which  you  used  it  successfully. You’re  giving  the  employer  a great deal more information than just a yes or no answer provides.

Before you go to any interview, you should also do some research on the organization. Look for information on the company’s website like:

  • The mission and value statement
  • The organizational structure – particularly notice where the job you are interviewing for might fall in the organization
  • The different divisions and operations of

the organization

  • The annual report, which will tell you a great deal of information about what the organization values, what its goals are, as well as where some challenges are
  • Press releases that detail new products, recent changes, or any other important information about the company

When you are in the interview, you can reference what you have learned in your research. It will demonstrate that you are truly interested in the organization and that you are serious enough about the position that you took the time to learn what you could. this will always set you apart from the competition in the interview process.

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