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Planning for new opportunities

Planning for new opportunities is same the process as we plan for other tasks. if we want to search a new job take it as serious as your career because a good job is a way to reach at the point where success begins. there are many tips and advise you can find in career guidance books and online(web) as well. there are some important points given below that may be helpful to plan out for a new job/opportunities.

  1. What does it take to land a new job?                                                     
  2. Be proactive                                                                              
  3. Recognize the best in yourself                                                    
  4. Learn from your experiences                                                       
  5. Try something new                                                                    
  6. Set targets                                                                                
  7. Go the extra mile                                                                       
  8. Accept help from others                                                             
  9. Job-hunting is a full-time job                                                      
  10. Practical conditions       
  11. Considerations                                                                                           
  12. Use your experience                                                                                  
  13. How to proceed                                                                                         
  14. Look back to look ahead                                                                            
  15. Your level of ambition                                                                                
  16. Your values                                                                                                 
  17. Put your dreams into words                                                                       
  18. Kick start your dreams                                                                                
  19. Your innermost dreams                                                                              

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